Prepare to Survive - Tactical Suburban Survival Plan - Book Review

What would you do in a REAL emergency? Would you run away to a distant farm and start homesteading? What if you don't have land or those skills? What if you live in the city or the suburbs? Could you survive in place?

I had spent the last few years driving out to rural properties, trying to swing together enough money to own two residences so I could have the right bug out location and future retirement home. It's not been working out well. Lucky for me, I came across Prepare to Survive while looking through the Amazon discount book section.

It goes over a step-by-step plan for surviving in place! In your own neighborhood and in your own home!

I gotta be honest, the plan sounds hard. Or that it will be a lot of work. The book outlines exactly what you need to do. How to organize your neighborhood, what you need to learn/do now, and what you can expect. It was a little scary. But the strategy is super helpful.

The book itself is a quick read, but I wound up taking so many notes and going through a lot of google searches to learn all the things I didn't know I was lacking before reading the book.

I guess that's why it's called Prepare to Survive and not just coast to survive or something easy like that. Honestly, there is so much to consider beyond just food and water. LOTS more! It's best to get your mind, body, skills, and supplies ready in advance. If there's never a grid down emergency, you'll still be prepared for almost anything. And if there is an emergency, it's a lot cheaper to buy this book (I think it was $3.99 when I bought it) and prepare now than spend hundreds of thousands on a second mortgage. Surprisingly, I think I'm almost ready now to survive in my suburbs. Per the advice in the book, I have been keeping a journal of skills so I can readily access information I'm now becoming familiar with (but probably wouldn't use unless there was an emergency.)

It's a good book and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get prepared.


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