Packing Back to School Lunches - Healthy Convenient Options

The best thing about summer vacation is the freedom from packing school lunches! There are so many rules - plus kids are picky and the lunch has to survive hours in the locker, smashing in the backpack, and more. Real food breaks down and gets mushy. It's a constant battle.

Summer is bliss. Until....summer camp happens. This year my kids were involved with fashion camp, wrestling camp, hunting camp, wilderness camp.... All of these camps needed a packed lunch! What??? Actually, it was a great way to practice again for the school season.

Lucky for us, we were able to sample a few new lunch/snack products to make our lives easier.  The first product we tried was called Slammers.

These are easy for kids to pick up and instantly like. They are very similar in packaging and mouth feel to an apple sauce pouch....except that they contain only natural/organic ingredients and they contain protein.

Both of my kids grabbed one right away and slurped it down. Not a peep. Then my son asked for a second one and was denied. Later on, my daughter went to read the back of the package (monkey see, monkey do!) and was mortified. She couldn't believe there was beet juice and sweet potato puree. I explained to her that when ingredients are at the bottom of the list, it means there is barely any in there and that the beets were just for coloring. What about the sweet potato? I told her the same story, even though it was a lie. She wasn't convinced and refused to eat them again. She's crabby like that though. My son loved them and would sneak one into his wrestling bag every day (in addition to the lunch I already packed.) I saw him do it and so I made sure and balanced his lunch accordingly.

These are not "low calorie" but real food is real food. Food should provide energy. I tried them myself and felt they were heavy on banana flavor. The pouch I tried did contain banana, so it made sense. They were good. I prefer to chew my food and am not a huge smoothie/drinking food fan. But they were good, they did provide some extra protein, and were a good source of fruits/veggies. I would buy them again.

The second snack item we were able to review was Crunchies. And OMG - I loved these. I loved these like I could eat multiple bags at once and still want more. They are better than candy. And all natural.

To be fair, I could eat freeze dried berries every day, all day for the rest of my life and be very happy. They are just so tasty! So I love all brands of freeze dried fruit. But...Crunchies had no bad bits in any of the packages I tried (something that can happen when dealing with random fruits) and they had some really cool varieties.

Have you ever tried freeze dried grapes? How about freeze dried blueberries or beets?

Me neither. Freeze dried grapes are something else - very grape candy-like. Freeze dried blueberries are awesome. Beets...well, they are beets. I love beets but like them better raw or roasted. I need their liquid/body intact to make them taste right.

The Crunchies pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, and strawberry/banana are amazing. I would buy them over and over again. They were really that good. They never got a trial run in any of our packed lunches because I'm embarrassed to say we ate them ALL in one day.

*I received complimentary snacks for review purposes. No compensation was received. This article may contain affiliate ads/links.


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