Improve your Skin BEFORE winter hits

Winter wreaks havoc on our skin! It is so drying. Plus, hiding under layers, we tend to forget just how bad it gets. So let's get started on it right now!

First and foremost - get your body moving. Walking, taking the stairs, or actually working out. Just get your lymph system going! What is your lymph system? Think of it as all the fluid in your body that isn't blood. The fluid between your cells. It is vital for your health - and is a big part of your immune system.

But that fluid ONLY moves if you do. It does not have a pump. It relies on your legs and arms moving to keep the fluid flowing. So get moving.

You can also improve your lymph drainage by dry brushing your skin. This is easy and takes just a few minutes. Brush up toward your heart. A good boar's bristle brush is around $10 and can be used to brush your skin and redistribute oils in your hair (it's the main reason why I have been able to refrain from using any products in my hair for the last 6 months - I have ONLY washed with water.)

My brush has lasted for 7 years and has shown no sign of breaking down. I very worthwhile investment!

One of the biggest problems with winter is the accumulation of dead skin - which then leads to ingrown hairs and dry/scaly skin. Dry brushing will certainly help (and incidentally helps with the appearance of cellulite.) But if you live in harsh weather, you'll probably need to exfoliate.

I had the pleasure of trying out Le Edge. Not so many years ago, this item was talked about on almost every blog. I had planned to order it but forgot. I'm glad I have it now! It's an amazing little product. Simple and indestructible. But very, very efficient - especially with the legs and arms.

It's the type of thing that works best after a warm bath. And if you're going to take a bath, then may I suggest you add approximately 2 cups of epsom salts (scented or not - your choice) to get much needed Magnesium into your body. Our skin can and does absorb everything that gets put on it. Western people are generally deficient in Magnesium. You can increase your intake by eating more seeds - sunflower, pumpkin, almonds. And you should, but taking a bath is a very easy way to increase your supply quickly and relieve sore muscles (and body odor!) in the process.

I sometimes exfoliate my face with a scrub cloth and I like to see what I'm doing. This shower mirror is the best. Seriously, the best.

I've had other shower mirrors and they require that you add water to them to prevent the fogging. This mirror doesn't require any of that and it never fogs. It sticks onto the wall with its own twisting suction method. No adhesives or screws or anything complicated.

The only problem with it is that it requires a flat surface to attach. All of my shower walls are textured so I thought I was out of luck with this mirror. Until I realized I could attach it to the glass wall. Perfect! Out of the way and never fogging. It's really useful and my husband loves it for shaving in the shower (bonus!! No shaving hairs in the sink!!)

Speaking of shaving... the only time I use soap on my body is to shave and for my private bits. I stopped using soap years ago because of how drying it is to my skin! Then I found a trick. I use this great moisturizing soap from SheaMoisture. I still don't use it on my body skin unless I am shaving, but it is sooo much less drying!

I found this product line when my daughter was a baby. She had the worst eczema. Nothing worked for her. I had to swap all her products. She had to use tea tree oil shampoo and not even the "gentle" moisturizers were soothing to her skin. Then I found the SheaMoisture baby butter and I reluctantly bought it. I say reluctantly because I was pissed at how expensive it was. I wasn't as savvy then to realize how much money I had wasted on harmful worthless products while this one product lasted us for years and actually healed her.

I have since realized they make a lot of products. Mostly all natural body butters, soaps, lotions, and body oils. They are all awesome. I love, love, love the soap and of course the baby butter.

After the bath, use a pure oil on your skin. You can use a body butter. I like them in the winter, but for the summer and fall I love jojoba oil for my body skin and sweet almond oil for my face. It's supposed to decrease undereye circles and I think it does a little. But I like it mostly because it's a light, non greasy oil that rehydrates my skin.

I have the almond oil in the picture to the left. I use it most nights (I alternate with a retinol cream every few nights) and this bottle has lasted forever. In case you're wondering, I've been using it for 8 months so far and it's only 1/4 gone. I sometimes use it on my body but mostly the face. It has not gone bad either.

Before you get dressed, be sure to give your feet some attention. I absolutely love these foot shavers. They are so convenient and do such a great job! They are like little sanders. Gentle little sanders that make your feet baby smooth. I have found a Shea butter balm with tamanu oil to be the best for my feet. I used to have warts on my feet. I had them for years. I had done everything to get rid of them including having a doctor cut them off and freeze them off. They never died.

But when I started shaving my feet with this sander and using the tamanu oil containing balm, they finally went away and have stayed away for almost 8 months. I'm embarrassed to admit the balm I used because it's technically for "pets" but it's made of human grade quality ingredients and it did the trick. I still use it today but am sad to say it is no longer available for sale. It was called snout balm and tamanu oil was one of the last ingredients.

Finally, drink enough water. I don't usually drink many liquids but I am sure to eat many water containing fruits and vegetables. I think that's almost a better route. You get much needed vitamins and minerals - plus you avoid the chlorine and fluoride in our water supply.

And cover up when you go out in the wind. Scarves, gloves, hats, and adequate coats and boots. Wind and cold zap the moisture right out of you. Take care of yourself this fall and winter!

I received complimentary products for review purposes. No compensation was received. This article may contain affiliate links/ads.


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