Hair Cutting & Texturizing/Thinning Shears Set of 2 by Marks Gouger Review

I have been cutting my own hair for the last year. I do NOT miss going to the hair salon! It's cheaper and faster to do it myself. Also - I can see what's going on and fix or change my mind as I go. I just really like it. If you want to see the results from one of my hair cutting sessions - click here.

I have been cutting my hair and my daughter's with my sewing shears. They are nice and sharp but they aren't quite right. If you don't have a quality scissors, then do not attempt to cut your own hair. A proper scissors starts first!

Cutting ladies hair is easy. Cutting men's hair.... can be easy or hard. If the men in your life will tolerate having their hair buzzed with a clippers, then it's super easy. If they want some sort of trendy's more challenging. I never really tried much with their hair because I didn't have the right tools. So when I was sent this Hair cutting and texturing set, I finally had the right tools for the job.

And I went right to work on my tween son. He was patient with me while I learned to use the texturing scissors. They were super easy and provided great results. No more blunt cuts across the bottom and attempts to snip vertically! These texturing scissors rocked! They made the haircut!
The other scissors is nice and sharp and will replace my old choice of sewing shears.

This is a really nice set. It wraps up for storage and comes with everything you need to keep the scissors nice and functioning for years to come. I would give this as a gift, buy it for myself, and recommend it to others.

I received a complimentary scissor set for review purposes. No compensation was received. This article may contain affiliate ads/links.


Ellen said...

When you have to work on the thicker part of your customer’s hair, you should opt for hair thinning shears. These types of shears are also known as texturizers and are available in different sizes. The major types of thinning shears are single and double sided thinning shears

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