Fun Fall Fashion, Cleaning damaged suede boots, and Getting cats to play with purchased items!

Fall is upon us! I have been enjoying wearing layers again! I've also enjoyed mixing it up with fun accessories. This is a really fun necklace that I was able to give to my daughter. She loved  the phrase and the piece is very unique.

Handmade necklaces are the best because nobody has the same one!! And she loves to showcase her differences.

Speaking of differences.... if you have a cat, then you know how picky they can be! My cat used to love a certain brand of wet cat food. Then one day, I saw it on clearance. I bought cases of it for a third of the usual price. I thought I was so smart. But as soon as I got the food home and stored in the cabinet, she decided she would no longer eat that brand. I have tried for the last 2 years to get her to eat it and it is now expired.

Such is the way whenever I buy her something. I have purchased numerous cat toys that have been given away because she just won't play with them. But a ball of scrap paper? She'll go to town. An amazon box? Yeah buddy!

So I was nervous when this new cat bed arrived. It's gorgeous and can hang from any surface. I was sure she would look adorable in the bed....if she would use it. And....she wouldn't use it. I'm not sure if it's just because she's a brat or because she is WAY to huge for this bed. My cat is 12lbs of Siberian fluff and she does not fit into standard kitty houses, trees, or enclosures. She didn't fit in this bed. It was cute though.

The best thing to come to my door was this suede brush. I have the best suede boots. I wear them everywhere. EVERYWHERE. So they are stained and ruined and too embarrassing to wear in public. I was about to send them to the boot recycler - when this leather brush arrived on my doorstep.

I used it with white vinegar to put the life back into my boots. To be fair, these boots were long past their usage, but I got them back into a respectable state. I also used the brush on a jacket with just a tea drop stain. Brilliant!

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