Easy Household upgrades that make a surprising difference!

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impact! One of the best things we did was change out the lighting in our house to LED. I hate - no HATE  - CFL bulbs. The sickly glow, the toxic mercury, everything.

The first bulbs we swapped were our outdoor landscape lighting. The electricity used was cut in half but the brightness was doubled. It was an amazing and wonderful swap. Then we started swapping around the house. Luckily, the cost has gone down and the size availability has increased. We used these 60 watt equivalent bulbs.

They were fantastic! They are nice and bright and use just a fraction of the electricity. And they are not toxic to dispose of when they wear out years down the road. The only downside to these bulbs was the fact that they are not dimmable so I couldn't use them in my highest use areas - since we like to dim the lights in those places. The cost is comparable to the yucky CFLs but again - without all the yuck.

While it's still nice out, make sure to get lots of natural light by keeping your shades open and heading outdoors. The beautiful fall air just begs for camping trips, bonfires, and late nights on the porch. If you need to carry firewood, I suggest you take a look at the  Grillinator ultimate fire log carrier.

It's gorgeous! And it's practical. It makes carrying wood so much easier. The straps are heavy duty and it's one sturdy bag. I have one of these and it's used for wood, but before I settled it into its main usage, I used it to carry books, weights, and kids toys! It is a multi-use product - and so very strong! You'll be annoyed at all other bags from this point on.  But it shines for wood and it's the kind of thing that looks good enough to be left out and used as part of the decor.

Since Fall leads to Winter - there will be lots more time indoors. Be sure to get some good quality houseplants to help suck up indoor air pollution. Turn the screens off every once in a while and play games. Just enjoy the time with your family. One fun way to do that is to make music and try out new things.

We have been having fun with this Tibetan singing bowl. What a unique, calming sound. It's pretty fun to sit around and ring the bowl before a game of cards. It's just really relaxing and a good reminder to sit and relax together.

It's also fun to bake and enjoy treats during the winter. Our weather gets extra cold, so packing on a few extra pounds is good insulation and baking heats up the house and draws people together in the kitchen.

It's a great time to focus on what really matters.

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