Best workout shorts - holds your phone, doubles as modesty coverage, look great!

If you are an active woman, then you will eventually run into the trouble of how to wear active wear but somehow keep track of your phone/keys/money etc.

I've worn the fit belts, holsters, pockets in my tops, even fanny packs. All have their purpose, but none perform as well as having an inner pocket in your workout pants.

I just bought these Sport-it shorts (disclosure: I also bought the pants and capris a while back!) and love them. I love, love, loved the capris and pants. They are so comfortable and do an amazing job keeping my phone and car key safe! I wear them when I work out but I also wear them as a base layer in the winter.

I don't like to carry a purse so having these under my jeans in the winter keeps me warm and holds my stuff!

The shorts are just as good! I wear them under skirts all the time - as modesty shorts. That way if a wind or wild child pulls up (or down!) my skirt, I have coverage. I can also run, climb, sit, and exist without worry. I have a layer underneath. And did I mention, they hold all my stuff! You can now wear a super cute skirt, without having to worry about where you will put your phone or your credit card!

And of course, they work as workout gear! For those of you that like to wear activewear out in the regular world, these ones actually look good! I have never looked good in leggings. I just have to wide of thighs, but these pants/shorts look good on me. And they fit well. I would recommend them to anyone.

I bought this pair of shorts at a discount. I did not receive any compensation. This article may contain affiliate links/ads.


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