6 months of not washing my hair - even longer without disposable menstrual products

It's now been 6 long months since I've washed my hair with anything but water. I've swam in the ocean, I've swam in pools, and I've done my fair share of sweating. And my hair still looks the same as it did when I used to wash with shampoo and conditioner.

To be fair, swimming in the ocean gunked up my hair for a few days. It took a lot of rinsing and a lot combing with a boar's bristle brush (the best invention ever and cheap too!!) to get it back to normal.

I stopped using deodorant, hair supplies, and disposable menstrual products to improve my health. I was hoping that my hair would be less dry and breakable, but I am finding that my hair still breaks - even with regularly trims (that I do at home!) I think wrestling with my son and rolling around at night might be responsible for much more breakage.

The good news - I haven't had to buy any hair supplies and it's really not that much more work. My hair is shinier and it doesn't have flyaways anymore. It does still get split ends as I mentioned above and still looks like it did before I stopped washing it - blah and straight. But since it hasn't gotten worse, I take that as a success and as an indicator that shampoo and conditioner are not essentials. This is good for emergency situations and for overall health. No need to put other chemicals on my body.

I've had a few new developments in the menstrual category too. I have been using Thinx and my own "homemade thinx" almost exclusively. I've run into a few snags with my homemade thinx - namely, getting them to dry quicker and to not hold onto a "smell." So as I've been working out those kinks, I've found myself with too few pairs of period underwear! And I resorted to using disposable pads while my undies were drying.

Guess what happened? All the icky stinky problems I had been experiencing before came raging back. I must be seriously allergic to pads or something. Never again!! I now keep the last few pads in an emergency kit for major trauma
and will never use them again.

Instead, I got a few reusable cloth pads.  They work just like disposable pads except that they are made of fabric with no creepy dyes or chemicals. They can be washed and reused.

I like them - but I still prefer the period underwear and will be working feverishly to perfect my extra strength homemade thinx. I hope to get it all figured out and make it simple enough that my pre-teen will be willing to go all natural when she reaches puberty.

I received a complimentary set of reusable pads for review purposes. No compensation was received and this article may contain affiliate links/ads.


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