37 Seconds: Dying Revealed Heaven's Help--A Mother's Journey Book Review

Does anyone else remember book reports in grade school? They were the worst, and I would drag my feet about writing them. My younger self would never imagined how much I enjoy reading books today, and how much I enjoy telling people my thoughts on them.

I received the book 37 Seconds: Dying Revealed Heaven's Help over the weekend, and I read it in one evening. It was an easy read - like a conversation.

I wanted to read this book as soon as I saw the cover. I like reading people's "life after death" stories. There's always something new to be gleaned. Maybe I'm weird, but they help me piece together pieces of the puzzle. It's important to me to know as much as possible. About everything really, but also about our origin and purpose.

Dying stories are particularly interesting because I almost died myself - when I was 12 years old. I was hospitalized for severe pneumonia. I slowly decayed in the hospital for 2 weeks, never eating a thing - and without a feeding tube. Something happened to me at the end of that stay that I keep to myself but changed my world forever.

So I love to compare people's experiences.

This book was a worthwhile read for one major reason - it's clear that the author has a mission to get women to listen to their intuition and that's a good mission. Most of the book tells of the author's own intuition before the birth of her second child. She had visions that told of how she would die and nobody believed her. But she was right.

After the death, she started the long road to recovery and underwent regression therapy to understand what happened when she was "gone." I am glad that she did. It's an important question that we all want the answer to. She was smart about it and videotaped her sessions. She then played them for the doctors that were at the scene and has at least 4 or 5 witnesses that corroborate her story of what happened during the death and many more that give credit to her premonition stories. She was very smart to document what she could as people are very reluctant to believe anything spiritual.

This part of the book was very quick and short. This is where the book left me wanting more. It did accomplish the goal of proving her story, but I have so many questions!

Did she speak to any of the other spirits about the source of our being? Did they give her any idea or sense of purpose to our missions here? Did SHE change after her out of body encounters or did she go back to life as normal? Did she still cling to her Jewish faith or was she told something different?

When she first got visions showing her death, she was afraid. Is she still afraid to die? I'd love to know all of this and more. Maybe she'll write another book?

For anyone that is looking for validation of our lives outside of these bodies or is interested in a compelling story of spiritual intervention with credible witnesses, this is a good book. And a quick read!

*I received a complimentary book for review purposes. I did not receive compensation. This article may contain affiliate ads/links.


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