Ultimate Squat Review

You CAN exercise at home and get a quality - physique changing workout. You do not need any extra equipment, but having a few pieces can make it more enjoyable and speed up your results.

I like trying out new fitness equipment, so I happily accepted the offer to review the new Ultimate squat bar. It's a pretty simple device - a bar and two straps.

It's used to perfect your squatting technique. For anyone that lifts weights regularly, this will sound absolutely ridiculous! But I have tried over the years to teach various middle aged women how to squat and it has been difficult for them to get the technique right. In fact, it's been dangerous.

That's where this piece of equipment shines. It teaches proper form and keeps new exercisers from hurting themselves. But.... you must have the right door to use it. All of my doors - except one - were spaced to close to the next wall to be used with the ultimate squat. The one door that had ample space on both sides was a bedroom door in the middle of the hallway. Not the place I want to do my workouts.

I know how to squat so I would not have bought this for those purposes. It also has merit as a way of safely adding resistance to your squats. The bands provide about 20 lbs of resistance - which is better than nothing but not by much. Our legs are big and powerful and can/should squat high volumes. 20lbs may be a great start for an older woman that has never really exercised before, but it's garbage for young healthy people.

The good news is you can clip the resistance bands off and on. I clipped on some of my heavier resistance bands and could use the squat bar with them. Easy enough.

I also found it to be useful to provide resistance to a hip thrust. In this case, you need a heavy object to hold down the resistance bands - I used our gymnastic horizontal bars - probably not something the average person has lying around - but in order to use it you need something heavy to hold down the resistance. I like it for this use and that would be the primary use in my home. I have no problem squatting with heavy barbells so that's what I'll stick to. If you are new to fitness or do not know the proper way to squat - then this could be a very useful device for you.

I received a complimentary Ultimate Squat bar for review purposes. No compensation was received. This article may contain affiliate ads or links.


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