True North Nut Clusters Review

Just the other day, my children were asking what "a snack" meant. Crazy, since they eat "snacks" all the time. My definition - something you eat between meals when you are too hungry to wait until the next meal.

Their answer - chips, cookies, cakes.... I was super disappointed. Snacks should be complete mini meals. When did they become "treats?"

We recently had the opportunity to sample the True North nut clusters:  available in Cashew Crunch, Chocolate Nut Crunch and Almond Pecan Crunch.

These are snacks that fit the bill of - mini meal but also a treat. They are chocolaty and sweet so they are treats, but they also contain protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. They are a nice transition to "mini meals" or a great occasional treat.

I really liked them. They taste great and are very convenient. We brought our packs along on a weekend farm retreat. They were eaten in the car and around the campfire. They come in little chunks - square shape clusters - that are easy to pass between people and there are very few crumbs and no sticky bits to make a mess.

I would definitely buy these again - and I would definitely eat them again. Everyone was a fan (even our resident nut-hater - he preferred the chocolate nut crunch.)

I received complimentary True North products for review purposes. No compensation was received. This article may contain affiliate links.


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