Tiger nuts smoothie mix review #tigernutsusasmoothiemix

Tiger Nuts! What are they? Ever seen them in the store or have you foraged for them? Say what??!! Since I regularly eat and forage for wild foods, I am familiar with Tiger nuts by their regular name - nutsedge.

They are not a nut and they are not related to felines in any way. They are root nodules of a grass plant. Totally edible (and used for generations) and considered an invasive weed in suburbs across the great USA.

I first encountered nutsedge growing among nicely manicured shrubs of a private residence. I smiled when I saw it because regardless of what the homeowner does, it will most likely be there for a long time, and it's perpetual (rhizome) growing habits make me happy. Since it was private property, I did not pull it up to taste. But if I find it in the "wild" I will definitely try the roots raw.

Thanks to Tiger Nuts USA - I don't have to wait to try them. They sent me a smoothie mix made from tiger nuts. It looks and smells like flour or maybe protein powder.

The directions on the package were rather vague - just mix with water, ice, fruits and veggies. So I used it like I would use protein powder. I added a 1/4 cup of the tiger nut flour to strawberries, a banana, and a cup or two of water.

The smoothie was fantastic! I am super impressed. Reading the package, I have someone unhappy that the mix contains maltodextrins (sugar.) It also contains sunflower lecithin (why not just sunflower meal?) and some antioxidants to prevent it from going rancid. I am going to explore their other products and buy a box of the raw tiger nuts - just the nuts - so I can grind them myself for smoothies or recipes. I like things in their natural form.

But - I am really impressed with these and am excited to know they grow wild (though sparingly in the suburbs) and they actually taste good. Not all healthy or wild items taste good so this is a big deal.

I received a complimentary smoothie mix for review purposes. No compensation was received.


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