Stainless Steel Milk Pitcher Review #xchef

I love everything about food - the cooking, the preparing, the eating. So when I have the chance to try out new kitchen gadgets, I'm all about it. If you're a big drinker of warm beverages like lattes and tea, then you are probably familiar with frothed milk.

It turns out (like everything) that frothing milk works better if you have the right equipment. And that's where you would use this stainless steel milk pitcher.

When it's not being used to make frothed milk, you can use it as a measuring cup (for liquids) and even as a pitcher for drinks. It's really petite and I could see a young girl running off with this and using it for her tea parties. It's kind of the perfect size.

Since it's stainless steel - it will last for pretty much ever and is a breeze to clean up.

I received a complimentary pitcher for review purposes. No compensation was received. This article may contain affiliate links/ads.


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