RIMSports premium ankle strap review

There are very few actual tools needed to get in top physical shape. You really just need your own body and something heavy to lift. When you travel, are new to weights, or just like variety - then you might want to get some resistance bands. If you do, you'll immediately find out that they leg straps that come with your set are horrendous.

I ignored my leg straps forever. Even the straps that came with my Total Gym were garbage. It's a shame, because leg work is really boring if you're stuck with just squats and lunges.

A good strap can make a world of difference. Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to try out the RIMSports premium ankle straps. These straps are nice and thick (read: padded) so they are comfortable to use. This is important when you are pulling heavy resistance. Who wants straps digging into their ankles? The velcro is nice and tight - staying closed when you're in the middle of working out!

They look great - the straps are heavy duty material  - the latches are strong. They are all around, a great tool. I would buy these again, and I would recommend them to others. They come in pink, blue, or black.

I received a complimentary set of ankle straps for review purposes. No compensation was received. There may be affiliate links/ads in this article.


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