My Fat Dad - Book and Recipe Review

I love to read about food. I like to grow food, eat food, talk about get the picture. So imagine my surprise when I received a copy of My Fat Dad and found that it was almost entirely about food.

Based on the cover and outside blurb, I figured it was about a Fat dad working in the advertising business and falling for all their tricks - thereby ruining his life and health. Nope.

It was a story about a girl who lived for food, whose dad happened to be fat (and constantly dieting.) I liked it immediately. I loved her grandma beauty. I understood her relationships with her parents, her inability to "fit in" and the distant/fake love from her father's mother. I felt her mother's angst and I hated her new stepmother. I read it from start to finish in 2 days.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I also cooked from the book. Throughout the story, there are sporadic recipes from her family. I chose to make Borscht.

I first tried borscht in 4th grade in a lesson on "other" cultures. We were learning about Russia. We ate borscht. It was divine!

My mom attempted to make it once at home and then never again. So now, more than 30 years later, I made my first borscht.

This book is full of old world recipes and fun food that correspond to moments in the author's life. I really liked the borscht I made, but was missing a few ingredients. I didn't have any potatoes and I probably went heavy on the beets. But still, it was an enjoyable stew. And one I was glad to find again.

If you're looking to get lost in a real, heartfelt story of another soul growing up to be comfortable in their own skin, then I think you'll like My Fat Dad. I certainly did.

*I received a complimentary book for review purposes. I did not receive compensation. There may be affiliate links or ads located in this article.


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