#liveinfinitely Set of Resistance Bands Review

There is NO reason to work out at a gym and pay for a monthly membership unless you are a professional bodybuilder. Even then, it's probably worth it to get the equipment you need at home. But... if you are going to work out at home, you do need some equipment.

Yes, you CAN get a quality physique and great health using just your own body - but we're human - we like fast results and we get bored. So having a little bit of equipment an have a big impact on your psyche and your results.

I like fitness and have owned all sorts of equipment through the years. I've had many, many resistance bands so I have a lot to say about them! Namely - they need to have heavy resistance - do not waste your time/money on 2 and 5lb resistance bands. They will never be used.

They have to be strong! I have had many resistance bands snap and break. You can tell which bands those will be from the beginning. There's a cheapness to the rubber. And they have to have good connections (the clips and straps.)

This set from LiveInfinitely is the BEST resistance band set I have ever had for strap quality and clip strength. It also has really nice resistances - going up to 40. The hands down best part though is the fact that the bands are LABELED. Why don't other resistance band companies do this?
This makes it the best set ever - look at the picture - easy to read numbers and a nice thick  strap and clip.  The straps are nice and thick for your hands and ankles too. The only place these bands fail is in the door strap. It's thin and worthless.

Look at the door strap - there's a little marble inside the strap that's supposed to hold it in the door. It's worthless. I have resistance bands that come with a big "wheel" at the end and those are the bomb. They actually stay in the door and can withstand all the pressure and pulling.

Also - there is only one ankle strap. For most things, that's okay but it seems a lot like nickle and diming. I've never had a resistance band set that only came with 1 ankle strap.

Even still, I think the bands more than make up for it, and the ankle strap is still the best strap that was included in a set (I recently tried a set of stand alone ankle straps that I thought were amazing and will never keep the straps from a set again.)

Bottom Line - I would recommend these as they are the best resistance band set I've ever owned (and I've tried at least 6!)

I received a complimentary fitness band set for review purposes. No compensation was received. This article may contain affiliate links/ads.


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