HandyMate Magnetic Wristband review

For the first time in years, our house is almost complete. All the walls have been decorated, the curtains made, decor selected. Some rooms took years to finish. I usually wait until I find the right piece at the right price. That means visiting thrift stores, garage sales, etc.

Then I wait until my husband is willing to help hang things. Whenever he puts up art, he puts the nails or screws in his mouth and than muffles to me what he needs next. It's kind of gross. And really irritating. So I was happy to give the
HandyMate magnetic wristband a try.

 It straps around your wrist and holds all your magnetic items. Technically, its strong enough to hold onto tools but I found that cumbersome and annoying. It did a great job holding onto nails, screws, even little brads and brackets that were constantly getting lost in pockets.  My husband felt it was just as easy to put them in his mouth (gross!) but I liked this way better, especially when working alone. Its saves a lot of trips up and down and a lot of drops.

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