Does Brushing with Charcoal whiten your Teeth - What are the benefits?

To piggy back on my article highlighting the fact that I haven't washed my hair in months or wore traditional deodorant, this article is about brushing my teeth with Charcoal.

If you've spent any time on Pinterest, then you've likely heard that charcoal will whiten your teeth. Does it? I decided to put it to the test - for all my teeth brushing needs.

Before you even think about using charcoal from your grill, STOP! You only want to use activated charcoal. It's clean - and not toxic. I opened one of these babies:

These are air fresheners filled with activated bamboo charcoal to naturally freshen your home (they work great, but they eventually wear out.) I add the used charcoal to my garden and I also experiment with it. I ground the charcoal in my mortar & pestle until it was dust. I used this same charcoal dust for making homemade deodorant.

I don't recommend this. The mortar& pestle does a bang up job of grinding things into powder, but it doesn't do a good enough job for making charcoal tooth paste. It left behind little rocks of charcoal that made brushing not so fun. But still, I soldiered on.
This is what my ground up charcoal looked like. I recommend you buy activated charcoal powder. You can also keep it around the house in case of accidental poisoning.

How do you brush your teeth with charcoal? Dip your fancy toothbrush inside (my brushes are always free from the dentist - no fancy shmancy here.)
Then brush like normal. It's that simple. Except that you also want to be careful not to spill. It's black and dusty. If you read an article saying that charcoal will stain, it's a lie. That person did not actually try brushing with charcoal. Will it stain porous surfaces like tile grout? Maybe. Be careful. Brush over the sink and rinse it down. I have a white marble (read: easily stainable) sink and it has never stained or taken on a color from the charcoal. I've used it at least a dozen times, but am careful to wash it down well with ample water.

What does it feel like? A little gritty. Tastes like nothing. Looks like satan. It's unnerving to see your teeth all black and gritty. A little zombie-like.

After a dozen uses, I can truthfully report that it does nothing to white your teeth. Maybe they look a little whiter after you first start rinsing your mouth and the black contrast is there:

But the net effect is - no change. What I did like about using charcoal was the change on my breath. I have determined that regular toothpaste leaves a film in my mouth. That film turns stinky when it dries out. Yes this is TMI. When I use the charcoal on my teeth and tongue, I have honestly fresh breath for many hours - until I eat something.

After some research - it seems the film culprit is the glycerin in the regular toothpaste. Now I am at a crossroads, do I keep brushing with just charcoal and get dirty looks from my husband (he did not approve of this experiment because he thought it was weird and regular toothpaste "works just fine.") or do I start experimenting with other fluoride and glycerin free toothpastes?

For now, I'm pretty happy with using charcoal. I will, however, be buying the tablets to break open as my grinding skills left much to be desired.

**Update** I have continued using charcoal and even went to the dentist for my regular check up. The dentist was excited about my oral hygiene (I am still cavity free!) and did not see any damage to my teeth from using the charcoal. ****Second Update**** I was given the chance to review this activated charcoal powder for teeth brushing purposes. It was much easier to use than grinding up my own powder - it was much finer and less abrasive. I still didn't think it "whitened" by teeth but it still did a fantastic job of freshening breath. And like I said before - WAY easier to use.

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john alex said...

nice write up. Homemade turmeric and coconut oill paste whitens teeth like anything. teeth whitening tips

James said...

Thanks for sharing this great post. It is very enlightening. I absolutely love to read informative stuff. Looking forward to find out more and acquire further knowledge from here! Cheers!

Kate Brownell said...

Yes activated charcoal can be used as toothpaste and powder. I used activated charcoal powder for teeth for my teeth. My teeth were yellow and weak. The teeth whitening activated charcoal powder for teeth helped me a lot. My teeth became completely white in two months. I used the powder twice daily and after that brushed my teeth normally. I am satisfied using activated charcoal. So try for two months.

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