Brisa Menstrual cup review

This year has been a solid year of experimentation. You can read all about how I stopped washing my hair months ago and have been making my own period underwear here.

Well, I found that not using disposable feminine products improved my health by leaps and bounds. No more infections.  No more bathroom smells. No more funky odors in my pants. That was way to much information - but it's all true.

Something about the chemicals in the products or the way I was using them caused me to have a hellish nightmare in that region. Every. single. month.

So when I was given the chance to try the Brisa Menstrual cup, I said sure. It's right up my alley of trying new - less disposable - things.

First things first - it takes some practice to get this right. If you are used to using applicator-less tampons then your learning curve will be much better. If not, make sure you are wearing protective underwear because there will be leaking at first and mistakes.

Once you get over that hurdle, the results are pretty impressive. It's made of silicone so it's flexible and long lasting. It has no "plastic drama" with BPA or all that garbage. It's washable - you can even boil it.

Since I have a heavier flow, I find I have to dump it out every couple of hours - about like changing a tampon. I don't like the process but it's really similar to changing a tampon or pad. And once again, there is no garbage made.

I would recommend everyone give this a try. It's less than $16 and has the potential to majorly improve your period. I would always couple this with protective underwear though (I am currently loving thinx, and you can save $10 by using this link) because they have the potential to dribble and leak like tampons. Just enough to be annoying.

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