We ate Duck Eggs for the first time!

Have you ever searched through craigslist looking for locally produced food? I have, and once upon a time I found a lady who sold duck eggs within miles of my home.

I dilly dallied and eventually her ad disappeared. So I checked weekly...just in case. Then it popped up again. So I immediately texted her. It went a little something like this.....
mallard duck eggs

Do you have a dozen duck eggs available?


Can I stop by to pick them up this afternoon? And can I bring my kids? And do you mind if we walk around a bit and look at your animals? I'd love to have ducks and chickens someday and I'd like to see how you manage them. I promise my kids won't chase your animals. And I promise I'm not a weirdo....

...Um...I guess that would be okay.

Ok, great. I'll see you at 4.

I don't mean to scare people, but I get a little excited about these things. I have found so many great things and most people are willing to sell you their extras. Plums, apples, cherries, berries, honey, and now eggs.

I am waiting patiently for new neighbors to move in so I can offer to buy pears from their tree...and alert them that that scruffy tree is a fantastic pear tree with the best tasting pears EVER and please do not cut it down and I will buy pears from you. Look! I even have my own bushel basket, and if you want to give me all the pears, that's fine. I will even pick them up off the ground and compost any yuckies just so you won't cut the tree down. Oh, and hi, I'm your new neighbor.

And there was that time I followed the honey bee guy for almost 7 years then ran over and invited myself in to see his new baby sheep...

I recently scared away a potential mushroom friend... I was a little eager to go hunting I guess...

But the egg adventure turned out well. We stayed there for almost 3 hours....and my kids did chase her animals. OMG! I thought they were more mature than that.

I paid for a dozen eggs and she gave me 21.

She had mallards and peking ducks - they were small like chickens. Their eggs look like this:

A little bigger than a chicken egg and sort of blue. Except the eggs didn't really look like that. They looked muddy and poopy. They scared the #@#@ out of my husband. I forgot to take photos of the messy eggs.

And ducks are messy.... I put all the eggs in a paper Egg Carton, as dirty as they came, into my refrigerator. I didn't want to take off their "bloom" and hasten expiration.

I washed them in warm water right before cracking them. And this is when the chicken/duck difference starts to show up.

First of all - the egg shells are THICK. They are much harder to crack than chicken eggs.

And second - the yolks are ginormous. I'm all about this since I prefer the yolk to the white.

frying dug eggs in skillet

I personally saw these ducks waddle in the mud, hang out in the horse manure, and eat all kinds of random in this lady's yard. Awesome. She lets them roam the whole yard all day, locking them up only at night. She eats some of the eggs but sells most of them because she only has them for their bug killing/eating abilities. Interesting.

What did they taste like, you ask? Exactly like chicken eggs. Maybe a little different? But mostly the same. They answered a very crucial question for me. Yes, I would eat duck eggs. So, yes I would want to have ducks some day. Bonus!

We ate them all up and I composted all the shells. A win all around.

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