Our Family Heads to ValleyFair! #VFBestDay #VFFirstTimer #VF40

What could be better than spending a hot summer day at ValleyFair? That's what we thought when we headed out to the theme park with our young children for their first time!

They were in awe of the screaming roller coasters, the super tall thrill rides, and the water park!

We chose to start out with Steel Venom and then go through the park counter clockwise. We rode on almost everything - from the old time cars to the big swings, to the Wild Thing.

Our trip was a mixed bag of fun and adventure. My children absolutely loved the rides - my husband too. They were disappointed that a few important rides were closed:  the RipTide or Renegade. The boys enjoyed the food plan, the girls did not. Actually, I spent most of the day throwing up.

It was probably a combination of "fair food," the heat, and twisty/shake em up rides. I'm just too old for it now, I guess.

We used to go to Valleyfair when I was young and I loved the rollercoasters. Most of the old ones are still there, and are still some of the best rides. But a lot has changed. There are even bigger, scarier rides. There is a Planet Snoopy area for really little kids, and there are roaring dinosaurs strategically placed throughout the park.

These "little kid" areas are really nice. They have rides, music, and lots of bright colors. They are a nice way to integrate the whole family. If grandparents come along, they are much slower paced and easier for them to take part too.

The water park  (soak city) has also been expanded. There is a lot to do and you could be there all day without getting bored.

We had a very busy day - and hot! Soak City was a lifesaver by the end of the day. If you head out to Valleyfair with your family this summer, be sure to pack a refillable water bottle. It gets hot waiting in line, and drinking fountains are few and far between. And if you're like me, and pretty much never eat at restaurants - then you might want to pack your own lunch.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand, and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.


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