June Garden Update

 The spring of 2016 has been non-stop rain and cold. This makes for an interesting garden situation...

Bottom line - growth is slow and slugs have eaten almost everything. I had to replant all of my squash, ground cherries, watermelon, cucumbers, flowers, and cantaloupe. Nothing was spared, but some things did survive. Let's take a look...

First up - the wild strawberries... so little, so mushy.....

My front planters that look like trash. There are nasturtiums, casa blanca lily and canna lily in these pots. I think only the canna lilies and the nasturtiums are going to make it. Right now they look horrible.

There are cherries on my cherry tree....
What's left of the flower plantings....

Thyme flowering
Blueberry bushes - looking like puffy poodles or awkward adolescents. I think I may have overpruned this winter...
Slug ravaged garden bed...

Only my red currants have any berries on them
 Here's a look at all the currant bushes. They have grown quite a bit this spring but with very little berries (they are behind the fence in a curve.)
 The honeyberries also refused to make any berries but have grown considerably this first spring.
The black raspberries look very good on the forest edge. Could it be the pruning last year? Or could it be the copious amounts of rabbit manure?
 Thank God for raspberries. They can also be counted on to come back and get growing. I love them for it.
 All 14 of my tomato plants - mulched heavily in straw. Not really growing in this cold weather.
 Way too many sunberry seedlings, but I couldn't risk them not germinating. A few nasturtiums thrown in for fun. This always looks horrible in the beginning but I swear my pots will be gorgeous...or at least respectable by July.

Check out the difference between wild gooseberries (growing in my yard) versus commercial varieties (right next door in my yard.)
wild gooseberries
Cultivated gooseberries -  much larger
Slug ravaged bok choy:

Bok choy bouncing back:
Peas starting to climb the fence:
 Wild and crazy voodo Egyptian onion. And to think I was going to plant some of these in my landscape....before I knew they got this wild.

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