Coco-Roons Healthy snack Review

One of the great parts of owning a blog is the chance to try new products. I was recently sent a few samples of Coco-Roons.

Coco-Roons are an organic non-gmo snack that works for vegans, raw foodies, and paleo followers. I received three different flavors: mini brownie, lemon pie, and vanilla maple.

Of the three, lemon pie was my favorite. These snacks received mixed reviews in our house. My son immediately opened the brownie pack and took a bite. Since he was expecting "brownie" he was disappointed. My daughter refused to try them since she doesn't like coconut and I devoured the entire bag. Then the I devoured the next bag, and so on.

If you need "extra sweet" or artificial flavors to enjoy food, then you might not like these. If you enjoy whole foods then you will consider them a treat. I like to make things with coconut and so these treats were right up my alley.

They tasted great and were really convenient. I could take them with, eat them in the car, or eat them on the run. they were a cute little button shape and felt like a dessert.

I liked them best, however, because of the ingredients. All the ingredients were real, whole foods. They satisfy the requirements for vegan, raw, and paleo diets.

I would definitely buy and eat them again.

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