Cherry Trees are Easy Edibles to Sneak into your Landscape

Why are so  many of our landscaping plants poisonous or inedible? Surely edible plants can look beautiful and be reliable too? I'm hear to tell you that they can! I have a number of gorgeous perennial edible plants mixed in with my landscaping - from chives, to daylilies, to alliums, blueberries, currants, and honeyberries. Annual edibles can look great too, but they are more work.

What about trees? Plum and apple trees can look good and provide delicious fruit, but they have pretty high maintenance needs and even their dwarf varieties require quite a bit of space.

Today, I'm recommending dwarf cherry trees. Not only for their delicious fruit, but also for their unique look and low maintenance.

I put this Northstar dwarf cherry into my lawn last year - right up front by my walkway.
It's petite, with dark glossy leaves and graceful branches. It requires very little water and will actually get sick if it's over watered. It feels the same way about fertilizer. It's a "leave me alone" sort of tree.

I put a collar around the stem during the winter because we are inhabited with voles and bunnies. They can and will girdle young trees. As soon as the weather gets warm, rip that collar off!

That is all the maintenance this tree requires. Grafted dwarf trees come pruned from the nursery and really require only little pruning. Of course, I pruned my tree anyway. I'm high maintenance like that.

I could barely contain myself as my cherries started to form. They started out small and oval. Grew plump and blushed in color. Then turned red. It was glorious to watch.

Maybe these cherries could have stayed on the tree a little longer, but I couldn't wait! Birds were starting to eat them and when I went to inspect, a cherry fell into my hand. I ate it and it was good! So I picked the reddest ones.

There are still as many out on the tree, waiting to ripen. I will let them get as dark as they can and will enjoy them all. And yes, I did eat all the cherries in this picture. By myself. In one sitting.

It's such a blessing to eat food from your own yard!

**I ended up picking another whole cup of cherries from the tree at the same ripeness. Birds had been eating the away, and they taste really good, so maybe they don't get all that much darker. I made a glorious cherry strawberry jam - no pectin, lower sugar. It was delicious!

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