Biotta Beet Juice Review

I'm always surprised how few vegetables people eat. Most people seem to be afraid of new foods. What's there to be afraid of? Maybe you'll discover something your really love. Beets are a food I really love.  I had Borscht for the first time in 4th grade and fell in love. My parents grew beets and we ate them regularly.

I have beets planted right now and they will always be in my garden rotation. I love them roasted. They're pretty good raw, and they are fantastic pickled. But what about juiced?

Word in the fitness circles is that beets can boost performance - ala the nitrates most members of the beet family are known for (swiss chard, spinach, lambs quarters, etc.)

But let's assume you are about to embark on a long run. Do you sit down to a nice plate of roasted beets? Probably not. Beet juice is much easier, and it's been  shown to reduce blood pressure by 4-5 points within hours of drinking.

I don't care about blood pressure because I'm healthy and I eat a variety of whole foods. But, I do love beets so I was more than willing to give Biotta Beet Juicea try.

This juice is USDA organic, vegan (duh!) and non-GMO. It's "beet red" and gorgeous. It smells and tastes like beets. But without the joy of eating. I am not a fan of juice, in general, because I love to eat. But this juice is tasty. I imagine it would be fantastic in a marinade, smoothie, or anywhere you need a deep mysterious flavor and bold bright coloring.

If I could find a consistent use for the juice - I would definitely buy this brand again, but since I am not a "juice drinker" I wouldn't buy it on a regular basis. This is not a slam - I never buy juice. I used to buy  pineapple juice for my famous egg roll sauce until I realized wild plums worked better and now I buy ZERO bottles of juice each month.

This juice comes in glass bottles - really pretty like wine. If you plan to get this juice for fitness training or to have on hand for other health reasons, I recommend you freeze the juice in individual ice cubes (this silicone ice cube tray is the best - I use it for freezing juices, broths, sauces, herbs in oil, and tomato paste - it's the BEST).

Then you can take out one cube at a time to add to smoothies, recipes, or drink.

This article may contain affiliate links or ads.I received a complimentary bottle of beet juice for review purposes. No compensation was received.


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