Spring Garden Update May 2016

A few solid rains and some sunny days have brought the garden alive - and the forest! I was able to try out two new wild foods this week - ramps and mustard garlic. 
Wild Ramps - harvested sustainably
I also located wild currants and found wild blueberry bushes for the first time since my childhood - of course the blueberries are not nearby, but gave me hope that I can find them on other excursions. The currants are an easy bike ride away.

Now....onto the garden.

First the bad news - my transplanted asparagus appears to have died. All of my forest plots have put up asparagus and I have eaten two meals from them thus far. The garden plot is in a warmer area with better soil and there have been no signs of life. Sad....
Grow asparagus - grow!

Also: one gooseberry, one grape, most of my strawberry transplants and one new blueberry bush appear to have died.
Squirrels and rabbits ate half of my tulips...
The good news....the forest asparagus is performing better than ever and we have weeds in the garden! Wow! Weeds totally suck, but I have never had them before. My soil is like cement. It's super hard clay and I have been trying to improve it (organically) for the last 8 years. It is now able to produce weeds and I take that as a sign that things are going in the right direction.

The Blueberry dissection went well this winter and both halves of the plants are growing as if they had never been cut.
Blueberry that survived being divided in half
The currants and honeyberries all sprung to life and are growing (slowly, but still growing).
Honeyberries starting to form
Currants in early spring
I found new strawberries at my neighbors to transplant into the area where I accidentally suffocated the others (too much straw mulch....)

My seedlings are growing well and are getting hardened off to be transplanted:

I have chives, walking onions, meadow garlic, and china stripe garlic growing all over the place and they look and grow great!
walking onions

walking onion

onion chives, garlic chives, and china stripe garlic
chives transplanted to a pot
Rhubarbs is growing slowly but surely.
The cherry tree survived the winter and was loaded with blossoms and bees. Maybe it will make cherries this summer?

I also bought a real tree for the inside of the house:
I am excited for the growth to come....

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