Effortless Zipper Repair for Workout Gear w/ FixnZip Review

A while back I received a new product to review called the FixnZip.  I looked at the product in awe. Do you know how many jackets, jeans, and sweatshirts I've used as scraps because their zippers failed?

But....once I received the Fixnzip, there was not a zipper to be repaired. It's not that I wanted my things to break....but I needed to give the product a solid try!

And then it happened. My winter jacket's zipper sort of broke. The stop at the bottom of the teeth fell off and the somehow the lower teeth became bent. There was no way for the zipper pull to fit on the bottom half and make it up the tracks to close the zipper. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The Fixnzip was able to make the zipper work - but in this case crudely because the lower portion of the jacket still couldn't zip and would eventually unravel itself up the top. It still allowed me to use my jacket and make it through the rest of winter.

The idea is genius and simple. I am going to replace the jacket zipper but I'm holding on to the FixnZip so I can solve any other zipper mishaps that come my way.

I received a free FixnZip for review purposes. No compensation was received. This article may contain affiliate links.


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