Spring is Here!

Spring is here and it's time to take a quick look at the garden beginnings. Everything looks so dead in winter and early spring, so any green gets me excited. Here are some tulips I planted near the garden.
 The rhubarb is starting to unfurl. I am so excited to see that it made it through the winter. I have 3 patches of this but only two are up now - the one deep in the forest will probably take a little while longer to wake up.

 The thyme looks like it never even noticed winter.
 The garlic chives look so spindly and weak. They were little all last summer too. Hopefully this will be the year when they take off and become big and overgrowing like their onion chive cousins.
 When I saw this growing near my blueberries I wondered what happened? Since it was in a straight line I knew it had to be planted and not wild. I did plant ramps in this location but that was 3 years ago and they take a whopping 7 years to germinate. I think I must have planted some china stripe garlic here. Yay!
 Onion chives - up and ready to grow. The Egyptian walking onions are up and growing too. I have not yet seen the "new plantings" from last year but the oldies are coming up with gusto.
 This is one of the blueberry bushes I cut in two. Both bushes are budding and I hope they have enough usable to roots to put up new growth and survive. This was my first time cutting a bush in two - it was super hard and back when the world was frozen. Tough times...
 A look at the 3 garden blueberry plants. They look like garbage. I hope they can spur some new growth and lots of it.
 Oh...but the new rescued blueberry plants look worse. They received a lot of foot traffic because of their location and small hidden size. One has no branches left at all! Let's hope they send up new growth.

 Grapes looking like dead sticks....
 Another rescued blueberry.
 Another stick grape
 The Northsky blueberry - a forest dweller that survives well but produces few berries (or they are all taken by forest creatures...)
 The other half of the cut in two blueberry
 This is what brand new honeyberries look like in the spring. They were the first to get swollen buds. They are starting to get ready to leaf out. I hope they put up some new growth and am anxious to see their flowers (and of course try the berries.)

 They are still so little....
 All of the currants have started to leaf out. Phew! Their canes look in bad shape and they are in desperate need of new growth.

 Look at this one - the white currant. It was rotted inside. I cut it down to the ground. This is all that exists of the plant. It is budding. Please send up some new canes!
 I have planted beets, peas, spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, all the flowers, and purslane in the garden. I have started everything else in soil blocks for the first time.

I am a little worried about the soil blocking. It has so much promise....but it's difficult and it's hard to keep the blocks moist. I am anxious to see them germinate and to see how well it goes.

I planted the garden, but it was haphazard. I found it very difficult to work around the straw that I put down for mulch. But last year's "no mulch" plan did not work well. I have noticed a lot of straw seedlings. Oh boy.

Everything was planted but it is sporadic and wild. I am anxious to see how the plants come up. I am going to be working the seedlings into the mix by mid May. By then I should have an idea of how things are growing and as my beets, spinach, and peas fade away, the trombocino squash, watermelons, cantaloupe, and cucumbers will take over their space.

I will be planting runner beans near the tomatoes (no bush beans this year, for the first time EVER) and plan to keep the hay straw in place as a mulch. I put down copious amounts of rabbit manure last fall and will be getting Sea Kelp for mother's day (shhh.... it's a surprise!) I am hoping to increase the fertility issues we've suffered in the past.

I know from last year not to look for my asparagus until mid May - plus it was moved last year. I am still hoping it transplanted well and will be successful this year and in the future.

Like always....we'll have to wait and see....


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