How To Prepare For An MRI

How To Prepare For An MRI

Being told by your doctor that you need an MRI can be a little intimidating. Many people have fears of getting an MRI done. To ease the stress of the procedure, there are tips that can be used to help you prepare and understand what the process is and how to get through it. Below are some tips and information to prepare for an MRI. 

Safety Tips Before The MRI Procedure

There are certain conditions that need to be noted before the possibility of an MRI. The strong magnetic field may keep some people from being able to receive the exam at all. Some of the most common conditions that would result in a cancelled MRI are artificial heart valves, pacemakers, kidney problems, pregnancy and claustrophobia. Additionally, all valuables should be left at home and a list of your current medications should be brought with you to your appointment. 

What To Expect During The Exam

There is not much actual preparation for the exam itself. Be sure to continue to take your medications as you normally do unless your doctor tells you otherwise. There are very few dietary restrictions for an MRI exam. If you need to follow these restrictions you will be notified prior to your appointment about them. If you do not want to change into hospital garments, then you should be sure that your clothes not have any metal fasteners or any metallic design on them at all. The length of the procedure will vary but the typical time frame for each body part is approximately 45 minutes. 

After The Exam

Once the MRI scan is complete you will be free to go home. If you had dye injection used, then the IV will need to be removed out of your arm first before you leave. While very rare, some patients will have allergic reactions to the dye used. If you have any symptoms such as hives, loss of breath or rashes you should call your doctor or go to the nearest hospital to be checked. In the event that you had to be sedated for the exam, you will be sent home after awakening and will need someone to drive you home. 

While you may be able to prepare on your own for an MRI procedure, sometimes the best preparation is to choose a great center to get your procedure done at. There are many imaging centers in NJ to choose from and the center and services found at middletownimaging .com is a great option to consider. 


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