Why I canceled my Costco membership...

After many, many years....it was time for me to say good bye to Costco. I had been contemplating it for awhile but recent events at my local Costco just sealed the deal.

Here's the logic: I don't think Costco gives me enough value to require me to pay an annual membership.

It's virtually impossible to walk out of that store without spending at least $100. For my family, it's $100. For my friends, $500 seems to be the limit. And when I spend $100, I might have 4 things in the cart!

After carefully considering it - I came up with the following list of Costco "must haves"

Toilet Paper
Bottled Water
Almond Butter
Maple Syrup
Salmon Burgers
Quaker Rolled Oats
Frozen Hamburger

Everything else can be found somewhere else in much more reasonable packaging. But back to those 9 items. These few things come in really big packages. I could theoretically buy them all once, and then not go back for the whole year....

Every single one of these things is either shelf stable or freezable. I thought maybe I could have a membership every other year.

I dilly dallied for over 2 years on this idea. All the while, paying for my Costco membership like clockwork. Actually, worse than clockwork, as they automatically renew unless you catch them the month before and cancel!

But then Costco started getting really weird. They started demanding to see my card every time I shopped. I don't know if they do this to other customers but being stopped to "prove" I was a member seemed really invasive and untrustworthy. I was there to shop. I had a membership. What gives?

This combined with the insane checking of your receipt on the way out (like they EVEN read the list to see if the contents of your cart match the receipt!) made me realize I don't even WANT to shop there. If we are treated like criminals or suspects (more likely) than I don't want to be there. I may save a whopping $20 on my list items (not enough to rationalize the $55 membership) but it's just not worth it. I want to shop where I'm treated with dignity and respect - or at least left alone to buy what I want.

Beyond that, I will end up spending less money because my family always wants to buy whatever new item is being displayed and we get roped into spending more on other items in obscene package sizes just to go in and get the staples I wanted.

I decided going back in a year to stock up on "essentials" was no longer worth the hassle.

So Goodbye Costco! You have one less member.

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