Clever Travel Secret Pocket Tank Top Review

In case there was any doubt...I am sort of the Macgyver of Moms.  Remember when I tapped our maple trees with a pen and a shoelace? I am always inventing and trying new things - especially in the worlds of food and security. I spent all winter perfecting a hidden pocket in my favorite jeans and a zip up compartment in my winter scarf.

Yes, those things have all been invented. But I always want to do them better. I wanted them in my clothes, in the size I wanted, and in with the right accessibility. So I was quite thrilled when I had the chance the check out this security gem - a hidden pocket tank top for travelling. It's right up my alley of interests.

This is what it looks like on their website:

Basic Tank top - pocket right in the middle of your chest. Now, from a comfort standpoint, this is okay. For accessibility, it's pretty awesome. From a look, it's kind of gross. BUT - tank tops are versatile. They are excellent for layering and can be worn in any season. So on it's own, it's a little uninspiring: layered, it is GOLD!

Here's what it looked like on me (FYI - I ordered a size small and it was a smidge large for me, suggesting size small is a 4/6).

I popped a passport into the pocket.

All zipped up:
It gives that - "is she just starting to show?" impression. I found that annoying so I put a top over - which is how I will be wearing this tank top EVERY time, so it's more realistic.
Good bye baby bump and hello - hidden passport.

I did drop a cell phone into the pocket it and found it absolutely unacceptable with my regular summer clothes. With a flowy top or airy sweater, no prob.

Taking pictures of yourself is difficult so I put the clothes on a mannequin. Here she is:

Wait a minute! You have a mannequin??? Yes.....It's not weird....

She looked less preggy than I did - so I decided to drop the cell phone in her pocket.
She got the passport and the 90's phone.
She still looked pretty darn good but noticeably more plump. But when she put on this airy sweater...
I dare you to guess how many things were in the pocket by now! Can't tell, can you? And neither could anyone else. This tank top rocks!

Here's a close up of the pocket:
It can hold A LOT. Depending on what you're wearing over this tank top, it may or may not be visible. But, it's easily accessible to you and no one else. Any crook would have to be all up in your business to be accessing this pocket. And if you're out hiking/biking/shopping/whatevs - you don't have to worry about things getting lost and falling out. This pocket zips completely closed.

I'm a huge fan. It saves me from having to invent my own and I can wear it under virtually anything. I am even taking it out of the country with me in just a few days. 

They make all sorts of cool hidden pocket gear for women, men, and kids. If you want to check out the whole line up - head to the Clever Travel Companion website.

I received a complimentary top for review purposes. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own. This article may contain affiliate links.


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