Finally - The Best natural DIY homemade deodorant recipe that actually works!

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So I've been working hard to find a natural deodorant that works for me. I started out the commercial route - buying Tom's and others. They all sucked. Either they didn't work at all or they had questionable ingredients, or smelled horrid.

You can see my quest to create my own deodorant here -

The short and sweet version is this: I made a coconut/baking soda/charcoal deodorant that worked lovely until I realized the charcoal WAS staining my clothes. Then, I started using just magnesium oil. Again lovely...until my armpits dried out from all the salt and became painfully rashy.

So here we are at the latest installment of the homemade deodorant saga - the Magnesium Shea bar:
When my arms dried out from the salt spray (magnesium oil is just magnesium chloride mixed with water.) I started rubbing shea butter under my arms to heal them. Then I thought, why not put these two guys together and make application so much easier.

You see, spraying  magnesium oil under your arms is fine and relatively simple - but it is a watery mess and sometimes causes dripping.

So far, the bar is working out beautifully! I have cold hands so it never melts in my hands. I just grab it and slowly rub it across my arm pit so it melts and distributes it's goodness.

I did things a little differently though this time - I took a look at all the natural deodorants out there and borrowed a few components from each.

I apologize for the measurements that follow. I am always experimenting and do not have a "set" recipe. I will update if/when I find the ultimate combination.
I took and old glass make up jar - I believe it is 4oz jar and filled it around 3/4 of the way with shea butter. I melted this in a bowl of hot water. Then I added 1 tsp of crushed zinc, 1 tsp of magnesium chloride, 1/4 tsp of crushed charcoal (from a bamboo charcoal filter) and 2 droppers of jojoba oil. I then stirred it up as it cooled.

In the future, I will wait until the shea and jojoba have cooled considerably before adding my dry ingredients as they have a tendency to fall to the bottom and are difficult to redistribute evenly after they have sunk. When it started to stay together, I transferred it to my 100% homemade mold and let it harden.

Then I popped it out and had this awesome bar. I have noticed that some of the salts are not distributed well in this bar and do scratch me while using. I will correct that next time by waiting for the shea to cool a bit. I may also use Milk of Magnesium instead of the magnesium chloride since it is a suspension and therefore not scratchy.

I have personally never enjoyed the smell of shea but it is subtle and I think the skin healing properties are worth it (and the smell is a zillion times better than the tea tree oil I had in my first batch of natural deodorant.)

The jojoba oil helps keep the shea less hard and it is also very nourishing to the skin. I really liked the charcoal component of my first deodorant so I wanted to bring it back - but in far less quantity to eliminate the staining and mess components.

Is the zinc necessary? I don't know but it's the main "active" ingredient in the Tom's deodorants so I thought why not.

So far so good....

IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR.....YOU MIGHT WANT TO CHECK OUT THIS POST - Detailing my experience with homemade deodorant for 7 months, no hair washing with anything but water for 3 months, and using period underwear instead of disposable pads. 


jenji said...

how is this working for you? Have you made any alterations? I have had success with a few different natural versions, but am looking to add activated charcoal this time. I plan to use the powder from capsules meant for internal use. curious how it is working longterm for you

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