Sport-it Yoga Leggings Review

I get the chance to try out a lot of things on this blog. Most items are okay or pretty good - only a few are great. The Sport-it Yoga Leggings are great! They are honestly the best leggings I have ever worn.

Me wearing leggings? Yes, all leggings look horrible on me, but I like them for workout gear and for under my pants in the winter as an insulating layer. So I own and wear leggings.

Why do these leggings rock like nobody's business?

1. They stay put. Since I wear leggings as an insulation layer for at least 4 months of the year, this is a huge deal. It's also huge when you're working out. Who wants their waist and to roll down or their pant legs to creep up? Nobody.

2. They are not low rise! They keep your midsection firmly and safely intact so you can workout without concern that your tummy will pop out - and if worn under your pants, they prevent plumber crack!

3. The hidden pockets are amazing! I put all sorts of things inside and then did a bunch of mountain climbers. There was no jingling or sloshing. No danger of falling out! Awesome!!!!! I am not a purse wearer and I hate filling my pockets with stuff. I have no qualms about filling my waistband. In fact, I already do this with a nice tight running belt. But these leggings eliminate the need for the running belt entirely.

4. They are soft! Super soft.

5. They are warm. For as thin as they are, you'd think they would hold zero heat, but they are very good at holding heat.

6. They look great. As mentioned above, no leggings look good on me. I was blessed with a rather large behind and small everything else (think upside down blow pop) so leggings always look wrong on my body. But they look good enough on me that they would look amazing on anybody that can pull off the legging look.

7. They were true to size. I ordered my usual size and they fit like a glove. You can never tell when you order online and I think this is an important trait.

8. They are reasonably priced.

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I bought these leggings at a discount. I did not receive any compensation.


Йога Донецк said...

If it was colourful, I would definitely buy them!

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