Overlapping Your Healthcare Career with the Transportation Industry

Overlapping Your Healthcare Career with the Transportation Industry

Many industries in the job market today rely greatly on medical professionals to keep workers safe and healthy. The transportation industry in particular relies on its drivers being in top condition for driving long stints out on the open road and operating heavy machinery. You can make an impact in this industry and also play a vital role in keeping the economy going by taking on new opportunities like DOT medical examiner training and coursework that you can do in your own time.

Your Role as a Doctor

You may wonder what your duties may entail if you were to take advantage of this opportunity. As with working in a hospital or in a private practice, your primary obligation will be to ensure the physical wellness of your patients.

Drivers take on a lot of physical stress with their jobs. They sit for long hours at a time, putting themselves at risk of blood clots in their legs and feet. They also strain their eyes from driving for hours at a time, staring at the road and not looking at anything else. They likewise can develop back problems from sitting on hard bucket seats. All of these physical ailments can risk a driver's ability to head back on the road. As this person's doctor, it will be up to you to prescribe the proper treatments and intervene if necessary to protect the patient and the public.

Drivers also develop issues like high blood pressure and high cholesterol from eating fast food in lieu of home-cooked, healthier meals. They strain their backs and legs lifting freight off the truck. Before they can be trusted to head back out to deliver another freight, the drivers may need you to examine them and keep them healthy.

Online Training

As exciting as it might be to consider this opportunity, you may wonder how you can fit the training into your already busy schedule. You may not have time to sit in a lecture hall or drive to campus to take tests.

When you take the training online, however, you can fit the coursework into your schedule. You take the classes when you have free time and on your days off every week. You complete the requirements of the program at your leisure.

Helping drivers stay healthy is important to the transportation industry. You can keep them on the road by training to become a physician who treats these individuals.

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