Bosse Tools Review

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I joke with friends about the types of gifts we share in our family. Almost all of them are practical. There's really no reason to buy a bunch of fluff, and tools turn out to be some of the most useful gifts we've received. I recently had the chance to review the ergonomic shovel from Bosse Tools.

You wouldn't think there was much to improve on with the typical shovel, and you wouldn't think that adding a rotating handle would do much to change the usage, but you'd be wrong. I was wrong! I thought it was just going to be a regular shovel.

I used it the first time to load up my van with llama manure (twice!) That was some heavy manure, but I never got tired while I was digging.

I then brought it along when our HOA planted fall bulbs. I brought 2 shovels and everyone used each other's tools. Everyone wanted the Bosse shovel. It made digging in our hard clay so much easier!

Why? I don't really understand the exact mechanism but it has something to do with leverage. I find myself grabbing inside the round handle area and it just makes the work easier.

I have since used the shovel to unload over 200 pounds of rabbit manure. Yes, there is a lot of manure in an organic garden.... I have also used it to dig out mature asparagus crowns. That was the most physically demanding gardening job ever and I hate to think how it would have been with my regular shovel.

So I am giving this shovel two thumbs up. If you have a gardener in your family, this might be the gift to consider this holiday season. It's only $69 and comes with a free gift during the holidays.

I received  a free shovel for review purposes. No compensation was received.


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