Scary School #4 Zillions of Zombies Review

My children loved the Scary School book series. We started reading them as soon as they came out and my kids were still at the age where I read to them every night. Scary school was a Godsend because it was one of the first books we read together that was intelligently written and funny for kids and adults! They were also long enough to last but not so long that the kids lost interest.

They helped spark the love of reading for my son. Before the Scary School books, he floundered halfheartedly between inappropriate booger and underwear books, never really getting that craving to read. But he loved the scary school books.

They seemed off-limits and rebellious. There was violence and bad guys. I don't remember how long it took between book releases, but by the 2nd or 3rd book, my son was reading on his own and he couldn't wait to dive into the books as soon as they came in the mail.

He read them in the car, he walked and read, he wouldn't put them down. Fast forward now to October 2015....and Scary School 4 arrives in the mail. My son is now 11. He had to wait until he finished his homework and swim practice, but somewhere between 8:30pm and the next morning, he finished the book.

**Quick hint to moms with boys that are looking for trouble....let them stay up ONLY if they are reading. They will stay up all night reading and feel super badass. Start the habit young and soon they won't go to bed without a book in their hands. You can smile inside (never outside!!!) when they tell you they stayed up until 2 am because they just couldn't put the book down...and by the way "take that mom, I stayed up until 2am!"**

He plopped the book down on my bedside table and announced that he did not like the ending. I guess it's because the ending really ends the series. That's all I can say without giving it all away.

He told me he liked the book (enough to finish it in one night, obviously) and all the usual characters were there. He's 11 now and I don't get a lot of details. I was relying on him for details because this is the first Scary School book review where I haven't read the book!

My daughter loved the previous books but has refused to read this one. She is 9 and in a very divided boy/girl phase. I set the book down on bed (where she keeps her book queue) and I will surely get more details if/when she finishes it.
Disclosure: I received a complimentary book for review purposes. No compensation was received.

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