Eating Daylily Tubers

Daylily is edible. Well, some of them are edible. I have two varieties on my property. Stella De Oro and an unnamed Orange day lily.

Today I was digging up some of the offshoots of the orange day lily and I decided it was high time I tasted one of the tubers. In case you were not aware - the flowers, flower buds, ripe seeds, immature leave stalks, and tubers are edible.

I have tasted the flowers and they were fine - bland like a squash blossom. Next spring/summer I will saute a few flower buds to assess their value as a food crop.

But back to the roots.

When you dig up a day lily - to transplant it or thin it, you will encounter all sorts of roots and nodules. The lumpy tubers are edible.

Here is the root I ate:
Dirty and icky looking, huh? Maybe I should have selected a more plump and less rooty one, but I planted all the others and this was the only one on it's own.

I scrubbed it clean. I had read that just scrubbing them takes of the outer skin.
The book was wrong. The skin stayed firmly connected to the tuber. According to this book and other internet sources, only the white tubers are edible. Yellow means they are too old.

I peeled this baby and it was pure white inside.
I ate the whole thing....raw. They are edible raw or cooked. Since I had just one, it seemed ridiculous to cook  it.

What did it taste like? Like raw potato. Good and definitely something I'd be willing to eat again. I have heard they taste like Jicama when eaten raw. I have never tried Jicama so for me raw potato is the closest taste.

Then...after a minute or so there was a sweaty armpit aftertaste. It went away after drinking water, but it's something to be aware of. I don't know if they will taste like armpit when they are cooked or what they will be like cooked. Potatoes I'm guessing. But since these plants are so easy to grow and propagate, it is nice to know they are an acceptable survival food. I will report back on the buds next season. Those might be something that become a regular food. Peeling a bunch of little roots doesn't seem worth the effort unless it's an emergency (or I had a bunch of them.)

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