ZITRADES 20W Hydroponic Plant Flood LED Grow Light Review

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I like to grow things...but the winter months are especially difficult. We have low E argon coated windows that block 90% of the sun's plant growing radiation, so plants suffer in my house. Even "low-light" houseplants suffer.

So I was super thrilled when I had the chance to review the 20W LED grow light.

This light is different from the usual bar lights people use to start seedlings. I connected this light to the knobs on my laundry room cabinets and faced the light downward to provide light to my growing greens.

There are no other lights in the room so the plants are surviving just on the lamp. They are growing okay. Not super fast and not super slow. They were leggy to begin with because I started them in the window a few weeks ago, but they haven't shortened themselves or bushed out. I have started to see true leaves.

So far, I am quite happy with the light. It is easy to use and uses a low energy wattage. The LED should last for many hours before needing replacement. My only concerns with the product are the heat produced by the light (not near the plants but in the metal box) and whether it is enough light or not.

If you are serious about grow lights, you are going to want to invest in a good system for rigging this light up. You will want something sturdy that is adjustable and holds the light securely.

I am not able to give much info on the impact on my plants yet, but I will come back and update this post - deleting this sentence and adding the pertinent information.

What I can tell you is the light creates a psychedelic experience wherever you place it. It is a 20W LED bulb that gives off the most efficient wavelengths for peak photosynthesis. Here's hoping it will allow my plants to thrive throughout the winter.


Jenna Smith said...

Long time before I decided to grow plants in my garden so i had to learn more about plants as well as human needs during winter season. During that time i got know that led grow lights therapy is the best way to fight the winter blues as you mentioned in your blog. Now the led lights are the base of my business.

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