What's on your Countertop?

I have come to realize, that my kitchen is always sporting a few projects. Always.  It can get a tad disorganized....

I have been asked to keep my "growing" projects out of the kitchen (so in the laundry room I am currently growing some greens and I'll soon be rooting some cacti...) but my kitchen counters currently have the following things happening....
Apple Walnut cake

  Homegrown popcorn in all it's "glory"   - Pollination issues?
Some of the popcorn shelled as seeds
leaching red oak acorn flour
Acorn flour being leached
minnesota midget canteloupe full size
The world's smallest fully ripe cantaloupe - grown by yours truly (much to my embarrassment)
Dehydrated Apple and Pear Chips
Asparagus seeds drying (along with many others.....)
Alfalfa sprouts soaking...these are technically not "plants growing" so I am still keeping them in the kitchen....
Green tomatoes that came in before the frost to ripen on the counter.
Shagbark hickory nuts drying out so they can be shelled.
dehydrating ground cherries
Ground cherries shriveling down into dehydrated tastiness.
Refrigerator projects include Aronia jam, wild grape syrup, Black Walnut cookies, pancakes made with Acorn flour , Wild plum jam, applesauce, and fresh pressed apple cider.
Fresh Raw Apple Cider
I still have nannyberries and hog peanuts waiting in my bag to be brought out to save their seeds. And the rest of the black walnuts in my fridge are going to be turned into Russian teacakes tomorrow.  Plus a zillion blog review items, math homework, kids projects and toys, forms from school, coupons to clip, and books I'm reading. I know it looks messy, but it also looks alive. Full of life. Full of activity. Full of adventure....


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