State Fair Apples Make the pinkest applesauce!

This year, I tried State Fair apples for the first time. An older couple was selling their apples on craigslist, and I decided to check them out. They sold me a bushel of apples for $20. They gave me a free tour of their apricot and plum orchard and sent me home with a bag of cucumbers.
They promised to call in the fall when their plums are ripe. I'm going to ask for a few apricot pits....

Anyway, State Fair apples ripen in the middle of August - which is early for apples. They are red with really white flesh. They are crisp, sweet, and sort of tart. They make the pinkest applesauce of all time.  Check it out.
I made quite a few pints of applesauce and I cut up many quarts of apples and froze them for apple crisps and other desserts.

We kept a few big bowls of apples for fresh eating. Summer is all about the's my favorite time of year.

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