Another Blueberry branch becomes a cutting...

blueberry cuttings in water
A second blueberry branch has joined the cuttings. They are surviving amazingly well in plain tap water (pH 7 - I checked.) The chippewa branch is over a week old - no roots yet but not a sign of wilting either!

The bluecrop was just added a few days ago. It's a lot smaller, but is still holding up well.

The chippewa branch was bumped by my rustling in the patch. The bluecrop was FOUND lying on the ground. I think "somebody" bit it off.

I do not have room for these two if they make roots and start growing, but I'm still going to give it a try. Perhaps, I'll plant them "in the wild" or give them away on craigslist.

Or maybe.....I'll make room.....


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