What does Currant jam taste like??

Last weekend, I bought currant bushes at a nearby farm. Some of them had berries, and I could tell the robins were eyeing them up. So, I plucked them off and brought them inside. 

I thought about making a currant tart or muffins, but decided instead to go ahead and make jam.

I mixed red, white, and pink currants together, but mostly red ones.
I mashed them up in a foley mill - removing the seeds and skins. Normally, I make all my jams with the seeds and skins, but currants are so seedy I thought I'd try it this way first. Next summer, I will make it both ways to compare.
 Look at all the pulp and seed waste! I composted it, but still....
The jam (all 2 Tbsp of it!!!) turned out a brilliant ruby red. I have never seen a more beautiful jam!
We quickly devoured it up on toast and in almond butter and jam sandwiches. It was a real treat.

What did it taste like? Sour and sweet. Mostly sour. I make all of my jams without pectin and this jam was no different, except that it set up much quicker. I only added the berries and a smidge of sugar. I didn't measure. I usually try to go for a 3:4 ratio of sugar:berries. So if I had 1 cup of berries, I would add 3/4 cup of sugar. I would add less sugar, but I want them to be safe for preserving in jars and sugar helps with preservation.

In this case, I had such a small amount that I barely added any sugar and the jam cooked and set up in mere minutes.

I will definitely make this jam again. I will also experiment with mixing currants and other berries - honeyberries, strawberries, and raspberries.

I am especially excited about a strawberry/currant mix. It will probably taste divine and be a gorgeous red.... We'll have to wait until next summer to find out!

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