Still Alive After 1 Week

This year I had some very wild gardening ambitions. One of those involved rooting cuttings of my blueberry bushes. 

I prune the blueberries every winter and thought I'd try to get the cuttings to root. Most of them were hardwood (and old!) but they were going to be tossed anyway and I thought "what the heck."

They kept drying out in the bucket so I transferred them to the garden soil. This space was open for a long time waiting for our last frost date to hit.
They sat there all spring, and even after I planted a few things. I probably pulled them out too early, but it seemed they were past the point of coming back to life and I moved on. Until last week.....

I swear my plants must shudder when they hear me coming. Sure, I plant them, water them, and feed them. But I'm also like a bull in a china shop. Somehow, I manage to break off stems, knock off flowers, and pull up roots. 

Last week was no different. As I was assessing where I could separate the Northland blueberry next winter, I somehow ripped off a branch of the Chippewa blueberry.

I happened to have a water pitcher with me at the time and I popped the little guy into the water. That was last week....
Somehow, it's still alive. Like, really alive. The cut at the bottom is a rip. It's not nicely cut, it's not angled correctly, there are no rooting hormones, and of course it's the wrong time to take cuttings - late July!

Now that I've made a big deal about it, the plant will probably shrivel up. If not... then I guess I have a new Chippewa - which just so happens to be my new favorite blueberry. Too bad I have no more space for plants....


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