Grafting my own Maple Tree

All fixed up - still green
A couple weeks ago, our area was hit with a severe storm - Tornado Warning severe. The wind whipped through and beat up trees all over the place.

We had downed branches throughout the neighborhood. No tornado actually touched down and all things considered, I thought we came through pretty unscathed....but then I noticed the lowest branch of my front Maple tree touching the ground.

I inspected the wound and realized that when I pressed it back together, it made a nice tight seal.

So I got out the duct tape - gaffer tape to be exact (it's what I had on hand, plus it will come off better when the wound heals.) And I taped that baby up!

Then I made a sling with some yarn to help support some of the branch weight.

This will be my 4th or 5th plant I have healed with tape. I've healed blueberries, squash, onions, flowers, and now a Maple tree.

Will the wound heal? Time will tell, but it's been a few weeks and all the leaves on the branch are still green and alive. The branch had been severed down to a thin sliver of bark. But it looked like a perfect grafting slice to me and I thought - "hey, if you can graft plants on to each other this way, I can sure as heck graft it's own branch back on!"

I will update as the years go by....


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