Plants Gone Wild - 2015 Garden Part 9

It's now late June, and the garden has been getting hairy wild.

Here are a few updates:
 Peas gone wild!
 Flax forming seed pods
 Flax tied up in "sheaths of wheat" to facilitate drying and allow the tomatoes to get more light.
My patio herb garden gone wild (sort of.)
 A look at the blueberries and a tale of two strawberries:

Both bowls are identical, but one is in full sun. The other is partially shaded by an old oak tree part of the day. Guess which one!

We have been plagued by a rabbit family this year! They have chewed no less than 7 full rabbit sized holes into the fence. I keep repairing and they keep chewing!

Here are some of the reinforcements! I fixed the largest holes with galvanized fencing. The smaller ones have been fixed with either kite string or plastic knives. I know, I know. Pretty horrid. I am going to fence the entire garden bottom with galvanized fencing soon.

The rabbit(s) have eaten half the buckwheat, the peppers, the parsnips, parts of the cucumber plants, and at least one sunflower head. They also chopped down my forest fennel and the last remaining scarlet runner bean. Bugs keep destroying the rest of my bush beans.  If it's not one thing, it's another!

Borealis honeyberry plant
These two plants are the new honeyberries (or haskaps.) One is a borealis and the other a cinderella. These are quite small and young so it may be a few years before they are bearing fruit. I will be fencing them this winter to protect from the bunnies!
Cinderella haskap seedling plant
 A close up of a dwarf sunspot sunflower.
dwarf sunspot sunflower close up

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