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So many basic survival skills have been lost in our generation. Of course, we have the internet and can learn how to do anything in seconds with just a few keystrokes. But what would happen if that information wasn't readily available? What if we were without electricity for a long period of time or heaven forbid we have to deal with what people in other countries deal with all the time  - war in our backyard?

I keep a book filled with how-to's for all the basic survival skills. I practice them now, and I keep this book so the members of my community will have access to that knowledge no matter what.

One of the skills everyone should know how to do is making vinegar. Particularly apple cider vinegar.

Personally, I think apple cider vinegar is gross, but I'll still make it because it is invaluable medicinally.

In a grid down scenario, hygiene is going to suffer. Apple cider vinegar is hands-down one of the best natural products for female hygiene issues. Google about it for more info because that's as far as I'm going to elaborate, but without regular baths and running water, the ladies in your home will be glad to have ACV.

It's also amazing at healing colds/flu/respiratory illnesses.

When I get sick, I drink 1 cup of water with 1Tbsp ACV and 1 Tbsp Honey. It tastes horrible. I much prefer lemon and honey water, but the ACV water is much more effective.

It can also be used as an antiseptic.

For many people in northern climates, apples (including wild and crabapples) are generally easy to find and Apple Cider vinegar is so easy to make *without any electricity and using just the scraps of the apple* that it would be a shame not to know how to make it.

I will be making my own apple cider vinegar once my store bought bottle runs out, and if I can get my espalier grapes to become productive, I will gladly make wine vinegar as well.


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