Transplanting Wild Alpine Strawberries from a Forest

These wild strawberries were transplanted from our forest to a container in the yard. My daughter saw them and wanted to see if she could get them to grow and produce berries. She dug them up and transplanted them herself.

Wild strawberries are alpine strawberries - little and white or red. They have never expanded or produced berries in our forest. This is most likely do to competition with the trees for sun, water, and nutrients, but also because the deer/rabbits regularly mow down our strawberry patch and most likely do the same for the wild ones.

If they are successful, she will be very excited. I will too. I had been thinking of buying alpine strawberry seeds to diversify my patch - they grow all season and don't die down with age the way regular strawberries do. Here's hoping they expand and eventually make berries. White or red? We'll have to wait and see.


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