There has got to be a better way to label plants!!! #gardening #organic gardening #recycle #reuse

Somebody tell me there is a better way to label seedlings!!! I am growing seedlings in an outdoor greenhouse for the first time and none of my labels are working!

Originally, I used a bunch of leftover plastic knives. I wrote on them with a Sharpie marker then painted over the marker with clear nail polish.

The nail polish ate off the marker. So I wrote with sharpie again and covered the marker with clear tape. 

Then for good measure, I wrote on the outside of each milk carton (mini greenhouse within a greenhouse...) with sharpie.

Well....wouldn't you know the sun has a funny way of erasing permanent marker. I went out to water my seedlings today and found all my milk cartons
"Naked as a Jaybird."

Because of the condensation within the double greenhouse, the knives were all wet and the marker was smeared under the soggy tape. Oh brother!

The marker was still "legible" so I have an idea of who is where...except for the cartons that had no knives inside. Those are all going to be a wild guess.

Unfortunately, the containers all contain cucurbits and citrons so they are all going to look the same and they all belong in very different garden spots, so it's going to get ugly next month....

I just wanted to make my gardening hobby a frugal, useful endeavor. I had such great goals of using only upcycled materials and locally available materials....

I'm fighting hard against the $64 Tomato phenomenon. FYI - that's a good gardening book. Read it in the winter when you're missing the garden, and have a good laugh and pull out your hair along with the author as he relives all of our gardening experiences. Gardening is supposed to be net zero!


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