Growing Potatoes in Boxes from Grocery Store Sprouted potatoes

Growing potatoes and how to get them to to chit

It all started with a bag of potatoes that started to sprout. I had intended to grow Yukon gold potatoes this year, but it was a bag of Russets that sprouted. I couldn't very well waste them, so I put them in an egg carton to finish chitting in the window.

Chitting is when the eyes grow out and start to make stems.

Then I had a bag of Yukon gold start to sprout. So I ended up with 10 potatoes in that egg carton by the end of March - 6 Russet and 4 Yukon Gold.

I planted the potatoes on March 31st. Way too early my most standards, but this year I wanted to test a few theories:

1. The Almanac was calling for a much warmer year and I thought why not get a jump on the growing season?
2. I am growing in boxes in full sun that are fully diggable all the way to the bottom and should have warmer soil than in the garden?
3. Grocery store potatoes will grow just fine?
4. Having soil that sat in these boxes for a few years will have eliminated the wireworms that have previously destroyed our potato attempts?
growing grocery store potatoes in boxes
3 potato boxes were planted in full Southern exposure sun - 3 each russets in 2 boxes and 4 Yukon gold in another.
In the end, it may or may not work out. Maybe they will get too dry in the box? Maybe the wireworms will find their way back in? Maybe the boxes are too deep or too shallow? Maybe the grocery store potatoes will refuse to grow? I have no idea, and this is the year to find out.


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