GoodBye Legend of Zelda....

I have played and completed every Legend of Zelda game made for a Nintendo console, except the Wii. Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask were my favorites - but I was super annoyed at how easy it was to beat the boss at the end of Majora's mask.

The windwaker was new and different, but I didn't really like the animation style. I loved Twilight princess and was really excited when Skyward Sword came out.

But I wasn't able to finish that game. I think I just had a hard time adjusting to the wii remote. All of the other games were played with Gamecube, N64 or the original nintendo remotes.

The wii remote kind of sucked for the typical rolling and sword action that The Legend of Zelda requires.

In case you're wondering, I finished the entire first run through the worlds, but got stuck on the music notes. I had to have my niece help me get through the bird target zone where I was stuck for months. She helped with the music notes then left me to finish....and I didn't.

Maybe I just don't have the zeal for playing hours of games anymore, or maybe I'm too old to adapt to a new remote style? I don't know, but I gave up and gave away Skyward Sword yesterday.

I usually give away all my games once I complete them, but I had held onto Twilight princess thinking my son would want to play it and Skyward sword since I hadn't finished.

But I've had a rush of spring cleaning lately and have been making huge piles for Goodwill to pick up and it was finally time to let it go.

My son is still iffy on Twilight Princess, so I have a feeling I'll give it away soon...

The big question is: do I upgrade to the Wii U and give the new Hyrule game a try? Anyone have any insight on the Wii U remote and a confirmation on whether or not it is back compatible with the Wii and gamecube? What about th gamecube remote?


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